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If you’re not building an email list, today’s the day to start. One thing I’ve heard a lot of the most successful online marketers say is “I wish I’d started my email list building sooner than I did”.

Successful marketers also say their email list is their most valuable asset.

List building takes time and resources, but it is definitely worth the continuous effort.

Lead generation or list building is only the first step to your online business success. The ultimate end goal should be to convert the leads into customers who buy your products or services.

An email list solves some of your biggest affiliate and online marketing problems. Problems that can cost you thousands of dollars every year. Problems that literally stop your business from growing. Problems that drain motivation and force most newbies to quit affiliate marketing.

An email list is the tool of choice for online businesses to reach current customers and prospective customers. It essentially creates a direct pipeline from the business to the consumer.

Lead magnets are, as you can guess from the name, offers that you give to potential customers in exchange for personal information like email addresses.

Lead magnets are a good way of raising awareness and connecting with prospective customers who haven’t heard of your brand.

Lead magnets can be free training,  checklists, cheat sheets, discount coupons, product samples, eBooks, podcasts, free trials, premium content, templates, etc.

Email marketing is also only effective if you have accurate information, too. If you receive too many bounces, your list is probably out of date.

The best way to build an up-to-date list is to create incentives for both regular and prospective customers to give you their current email.

You need to have people subscribing to your email list and then you need to talk about what you can do for them that will help these people fulfill their needs.

Remember these two: email list and sales funnel. They should be two of the most important words for your business.

Let’s get real here for a minute. It’s not that email lists on their own are powerful, it’s actually ALL about what you do with them that’s powerful. So, let’s start with basics here and talk about what a sales funnel actually is.

Sales funnels are a successive sequence of actions. And, they are created to transform your possible prospects into purchasers.

If you want people to continue reading your emails, you must target them with messages that resonate with them. Ideally, each message should correspond with the recipient’s position in the sales funnel.

Email list building typically starts with an opt-in form on a web page or landing page.

A web page is a page on a website, as you might conclude.  It can be a page on a blog or eCommerce site, selling goods and services.  The opt-in is usually off to the side because the main focus is the content on the web page.

A lot of times, there will be a pop-up with an email opt-in form that shows after a few seconds of landing on a web page, or as you try to leave a web page.

When building an email list through buttons and opt-in boxes or forms, remember to keep the experience as pleasant and unobtrusive as possible so people aren’t turned off (by multiple garish pop-ups, for example).

At the same time, don’t miss an opportunity to place an attractive lead capture box or sign-up button in as many places as possible.

A landing page, also known as a “lead capture page” or a “squeeze page”, is a single web page that is designed with a single call to action for high conversion. In email marketing landing pages are most often used for lead generation.

Correct use of a lead capture page will grab more opt-ins than you ever thought possible. Do this the wrong way and you end up leaving a lot of leads … I mean, money on the table.

The best way to build an email list is to use a reputable autoresponder. You can set up automated emails that span weeks into the future, and once that has been done, you don’t have to do anything.

There are many options, but Aweber and GetResponse seem to be the most highly regarded. There is the incentive to find a free or cheaper alternative, but the problem with that is your emails might be limited to one per week, or they will end up in your subscriber’s spam box.

Having an email list is of paramount importance. With what you are about to access, you do not need your own blog or website. Although we all know that having your own blog always comes recommended. But, not necessary for this email list building course to work for you.

By joining a free Facebook group, you will have access to a myriad of Internet marketing training, which includes a free email list building course.  Once you finish the course you will have a complete sales funnel, and you will be rewarded with 100 clicks to your lead capture page.

When I went through the training and got my 100 clicks, I ended up getting 25 leads added to my list.

Click the Get Started Now button, below, to gain access to the Free email list building course.

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