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Product Description

Multiple Income Funnel is a marketing system that gives you access to four money making income opportunities by promoting just one system.  The first income source is Multiple Income Funnel itself, which pays $20 per month on the monthly reseller fee of those who you bring into the system.  Also, you will get $180 for each person who purchases the discounted annual reseller account.

The second income source is Easy1Up, a system that provides online-learning at various price levels – the top level being $2000.  The following video explains how it works:

The third income source is, a text message marketing service.  With, you can earn unlimited $100 payments.

The fourth income source is Traffic Authority, a web traffic seller.  With Traffic Authority, you can earn commissions on the sales of traffic packages and other subscriptions.    The following video explains how it works:

To get started with Multiple Income Funnel, you just signup and follow the instructions – no hosting or web site setup is required.  Even if you’re brand new, you can make money with it as there are no technical hurdles, whatsoever.

Target Audience

The system is targeted to people who are interested in making money online and want to build a sustainable income without jumping through hoops or dodging any technical hurdles.

How It Works

1. Sign up as a Multiple Income Funnel reseller for $49/month.  After this, you will be presented with an opportunity to purchase a discounted annual reseller license for $350.

2. Once you are at the member dashboard, you need to follow the steps to get started.  There are four big, blue buttons labeled Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4.  You just click on each button, in sequence, and follow the instructions.  This will get you set up with the other three income sources.

3. From there, you will be provided with ready-made promotional tools like banners, social media posts, pre-written ad copy, and email swipes that make it easy for anyone to participate.

4. When new members join through your affiliate link, they will become a reseller. You will earn your $20 commission, after the 30-day refund period has lapsed.

5. When your referrals choose to purchase any of the optional products or services from the other three income sources,  you get paid!


Included with Multiple Income Funnel is training to help get new people started.  The training includes topics like mindset, time management, traffic generation and more.  Additionally, there are weekly High Level Training & Mastermind events where leaders share what they are doing to get new referrals.

What I Like

I like how it is possible to earn big ticket commissions with the system.

I like how the creators have went above and beyond to put together a system that anyone can participate in that doesn’t require technical skills or any selling for that matter. Essentially, all you’re doing is sending traffic to the Multiple Income Funnel lead capture pages, and the marketing system takes it from there.

Everything is handled for you; like processing membership subscriptions and delivering upgrades to members, so you can focus on referring as many people as you can. The promotional tools they provide are extremely professional and really work to bring people to the site.

I like how a commissionable traffic source is included as a part of the system, because everyone will need traffic.

I like that the Multiple Income Funnel system already has email follow-ups set up to automatically go out to my leads; no autoresponder required.

I like that I have access to my leads.  I am able to download my leads from Multiple Income Funnel and upload them into my own autoresponder.

I like how there are weekly High Level Training & Mastermind events where leaders share what they are doing to get new referrals.

What I Don’t Like

There are a few of things I don’t particularly like.  The first is in regards to the reseller fees.  Multiple Income Funnel itself has a $49/month reseller fee, unless you go with the discounted annual reseller license at $350.  In that case, the monthly reseller fee is just over $29/month.

Then, there is the monthly reseller fee for Traffic Authority, which runs $20/month.

Finally, charges a reseller fee of $50/year.

But, when you consider that you would need ClickFunnels ($97/month) or Power Lead System ($55/month) to even come close to putting together the same kind of system – not to mention the upfront time and money required to put together the pages of content, graphics and videos – the reseller fees don’t seem quite that bad.

Another thing I don’t particularly like is the fact that to come into the system and, right out of the gate, be at the max compensation rate for everything will cost over $10,000.  Fortunately, one can get started as just a Multiple Income Funnel reseller and earn $20 monthly residuals.  With 50 paying referrals, that will be $1000/month, which can be reinvested into upgrades in Easy1Up and Traffic Authority.

One other thing I don’t like is how slow Traffic Authority is in delivering clicks.  But, there are other ways to generate traffic, in addition to what Traffic Authority sends.

Income Proof

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Multiple Income Funnel is a well-crafted done-for-you marketing system coupled with a couple of programs that offer high-ticket commissions.  While it is possible to market those programs separately, it makes sense to only promote the Multiple Income Funnel marketing system.  When new referrals join, they will be exposed to the high-ticket programs.  To qualify for those high-ticket commissions, you must purchase the high-ticket products or services for yourself.  But, it is possible to start out small and grow over time.

The key to Multiple Income Funnel is that you can earn money from four income sources just by promoting one system.

The minimum start-up capital I recommend is $1,200.  That amount will give you the ability to purchase the discounted annual reseller license plus sign up with Easy1Up at level two and Traffic Authority at level two.  Keep in mind that with Traffic Authority, if you buy a traffic package within the first 7 days, you will be qualified for the stair step bonus, which advances you one level higher.

Besides Traffic Authority, I recommend as a source to buy traffic.  The clicks are delivered quickly, and I’ve been averaging around three to four leads a day, with a daily click limit set to 17.

So go ahead and click the button below to get started now.
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